Download Configuration Files

AllChars comes with a default configuration file. Only if you want support for a different language keyboard, character set (script) or font, check below.

After downloading you have to place the downloaded INI file in allchars directory and rename it to 'allchars.ini'. And don't forget to save your old 'allchars.ini' file before updating !

If you have a special configuration that might be useful to others, please contact us.

Western, Central European, Baltic & Turkic

Western, Central European, Baltic & Turkic (v3.x - 1 Kb) - allchars.ini for Western, CE (Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian and Serb), Baltic & Turkic fonts.
Thanks to Henrique Peron. His comments: 'It is based on Windows Arial font (Western, Central European, Baltic and Turkic), so any font with characters mapped *in the same position* as in Windows native fonts will work fine with these enhancements.'

French keyboard support

French keyboard (v3.x - 1 Kb) - adds some handy shortcuts for users of a Clavier Français. Thanks to Emmanuel Castro.

Eastern European Characters

Eastern European Characters (v2.10 - 1 Kb) - allchars.ini for CE-fonts (Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian and Serb).
Thanks to Thomas Kees. His comments: ‘Every group without a remark ("only west" or "mostly west") will work with each font type, eastern or western (the EURO-Symbol as well, which is included in the CE-Font of Win98).
I decided, not to remove the west only sequences, for if I need a Pound Symbol for example, I quickly change the font to normal western type and go on typing by re-switching to the eastern font after inserting this single character with the help of AllChars.’

EURO Support

The EURO currency symbol is included in the versions 1.22 upwards and versions 2.10 and 3.0 upwards.