AllChars Awards


Best Free Software 2007 

AllChars lets you type foreign characters such as ñ or ü in any application. Just tap the program's hot key (Right Ctrl or any other shift-style key) followed by two characters such as n and the tilde or u and a double quotation mark, and the combined character you want appears in your document. It can also type boilerplate text such as your name or ­address.—EM

Source: PC Magazine

2007 Pricelessware selection 

AllChars is a tool that makes non-keyboard characters (accents, typos, currency symbols, etc.) easily accessible within any Windows application. Just type the Ctrl-key followed by two characters that in combination specify the character. AllChars also supports macros. You can type short names, resulting in AllChars sending long text bits to your application. Support for macros include secure macros for logins, insert date/time strings and more.

Source: Pricelessware